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Press Release: The Augmented I

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

The Augmented I

London, February 19th, 2022 -- Give individuals a piece of information, and you inform them for an hour. Teach individuals self-knowledge and critical thinking, and you educate them for a lifetime.

Humankind is going through a dramatic contradiction when we never had access to so much information but never felt so powerless to make sense of it and use it to solve our most pressing global issues. The reason is that while we have a never-ending appetite for external information, we forget that we know so little about the person who processes that information: ourselves.

The Augmented I is a book that opens new paths for reflections and solutions to our failure to make the most of our era of information. The author starts by highlighting the importance of our self-knowledge to overcome inner flaws that interfere with our understanding and, therefore, with the impact of our actions. She argues that it is also the opportunity to use our sophisticated business data analytics tools in one crucial area for too long neglected: personal development.

Businesses have been increasingly thriving since they became more data-driven and data-educated. Now, it is about time we use data to improve human lives on the planet, not with financial, consumption, or business-oriented information, but with individuals-focused data for new humankind-driven intelligence. Indeed, this book is also a reminder that business, economic, and societal growth cannot happen without people’s self-growth.

In the end, the solution to our problems will not come from more flow of polished information shared on a silver platter but from more investment in human multiples intelligences and technologies to enhance its infinite potential.

Dona Bayounguissa had her first encounter with data visualization and Artificial Intelligence while working as an eDiscovery lawyer and then as a Compliance analyst. After finding her purpose and answering her inner call, she became a qualified Life Coach. She is the founder of Blue Spiral Motion, a Personal Development Intelligence business merging data, technology, and personal development to empower people. She works on different social, conscious, and spiritual tech projects to elevate human consciousness.

The Augmented I: Augmented Intelligences for Personal and Global Development is 250 pages and now available in paperback and Kindle.


Blue Spiral Motion

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