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Dona Bayounguissa

Founder & Life Coach

Personal Development Intelligence Consultant

Conscious Tech Entrepreneur

I am passionate about empowering individuals to make positive shifts into their lives. I believe in people and the possibility of impacting the world through personal growth and proactive changes. And I also believe in the power of Data and Technology to enhance our infinite human potential, not to replace it.

Why am I doing what I am doing? Because my own life purpose is to help people and this world needs more empowered human beings, more conscious leaders, more authenticity, more creativity, more human connections and more inner and outer Love.

I do what I am doing because the world needs YOU.

My Story

I am a proud citizen of the world who has always been passionate about global affairs. I have obtained Master's degrees in European and International law and International business in France. After moving to London, I worked as an eDiscovery lawyer in international litigation cases, and then I moved into Compliance in the financial industry. Those experiences revealed my talents in investigations, dealing with various and diverse sources, cross-referencing information, and analyzing data through different perspectives. They also awoke my interest in the power and impact of information through the way we present it in data visualization and infographics.

I started a spiritual journey that led me to leave the financial industry to train as a life coach and move into the well-being sector. I built my expertise in personal development through my experience working with several clients, and I became aware of the most common issues met by people in their self-growth path. All those issues have a shared starting point: people forget who they are and their potential. This flaw in our self-knowledge has two important consequences. The first one is that
people unaware of their power to change their lives also feel too small to create change in the world. The second is that people's personal insecurities can have disruptive effects on the political, social, economical, and environmental spheres, locally and internationally. Everything is connected. 

I realized that it was time to bring information and technology into the personal development area. If companies can harness data to optimize their assets, see trends and patterns, reduce risks, make better decisions, and increase their confidence and financial power, it means that we can also support people who need similar information in their personal lives and equally enhance their human potential.

Blue Spiral Motion is a Conscious Tech business venture. And as the founder, I am proud to be a pioneer in intelligence and technologies that trust the infinite human potential and aim to elevate Humankind.

The story continues...

Do you want to learn more about my story and my path towards personal development intelligence?

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