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Personal Development Intelligence is a new branch of Intelligence. It harnesses the power of Data to bring you new insights about what may impact people’s personal development, how this affects your business, society, and the economy, and how you could turn it into growth opportunities.


Global Intelligence in personal development

"As Above so Below, As Below so Above."


We monitor how external factors, local and global, can nurture or damage individuals’ well-being, including your clients, providers, and people in the communities around your activities, and the possible impact on your business.

We also analyze how human well-being or insecurities, which added together can converge into a critical mass, can have consequences at the local, regional, and global levels in the economic, social, political, or environmental areas.

Thanks to our approach to personal development from a macro perspective, we can provide you with strategic information and unmatched insight to detect trends, reveal connectedness, harness human behavior, and transform threats into opportunities.


"Personal development is
your business development"

Bringing more consciousness into your business does not mean sacrificing your revenues, competitiveness, or expansion. The human potential is infinite so capitalizing on personal growth rather than human insecurities is the most sensible and profitable business strategy.

We assess your business from a personal development perspective to identify the obstacles and risks inherent to your activities that could make you deal with prejudicial providers, lose your best talents, or turn away potential clients. We also bring out opportunities to strengthen your business network, reveal new potentials within your team, make you stand up from the competition, and reach a wider audience. It includes analysing the implications of your business purpose and values, the impacts of the products, services, and technologies you release on society, and the medium and long-term effects on the community and the environment.


Through our advisory services, we provide you with crucial information and bespoke strategy for your business so that you can enrich your relationship with the key actors in your activity and become the master of your success.



People are your most precious asset.

People are your best asset to stay ahead of the competition and become a leader with innovations pushing further the limits of your business and industry. To harness the human potential for your business growth, you only need to support individuals on that path of self-development.
We provide bespoke training in personal development for your HR department and workshops to empower your employees to become their own life coaches.
By nurturing the potential of your employees, you give them opportunities to use their talents, follow their intuition, take initiatives, instil their creative energy in their tasks, and contribute to your business's success. Not only will you keep your best talents but also awake the leadership and entrepreneurial spirits that lie within them.

We also provide training to help you design more impactful communications and marketing campaigns that strengthen your bonds with your clients and inspire more people beyond. Inspired people lead to inspiring actions and creations that can drive you to create even more thoughtful and higher-value products and services.

Your business can be part of people's life-long journeys, make a powerful impact in the life of millions of individuals, and encourage the emergence of the newly empowered human beings needed in our communities, economies, institutions, and the world. How does that sound?

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