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Humankind and Augmented Intelligence in the coming Creativity era (Part 3)

Personal development is the latest area being disrupted by Augmented Intelligence and the Information and Communication Technology. They are propelling human evolution to a new stage never seen before. In the past, the machine was learning from Humans and Humans were learning from the machine how to optimise their technical skills to become more productive. But now Big Data can also generate a deeper transformative shift on people. Here are 3 ways Augmented Intelligence brings wholeness to our human condition for the coming Creativity era.

Augmented Intelligence brings harmony between Human Oneness and our Authenticity

Technology has triggered major changes in human development over the centuries. And with the information and communications technology, those changes happen now even faster. As human beings are becoming more (virtually) connected, that connectedness gets us closer to the sense of Oneness. However, at the same time, the more we are getting closer to each other, the more we want to affirm our singularity and authenticity. And that is not contradictory: Our human consciousness of being One is also driving our human awareness that each one of us is also unique and valid.

That uniqueness is a precious asset for Humankind which needs to be nurtured to enrich our common human condition. Each individual has unique and infinite intelligence and the more we connect to our authenticity and to our potential, and the more powerful our potential can become for the benefit of all of us. And that is why algorithms refining personalisation and individualisation have a deeper impact than first expected. We knew the experience of being a human and now we become more familiar with the experience of being also ourselves.

Human creative power starts actually by affirming our identity and individuality. Businesses had to adapt to the growing expectations of consumers to be treated as special. It’s now also a new direction that the Education system is taking by changing the content, and the way people are learning to make it less standardised and also embrace and nurture people creativity. And this how we become whole by attuning our diversity in our Unity. Human beings thrive with a healthy balance between a common human consciousness and an awareness of the specificity that we bring to the collective intelligence.

Another way Technology supports human evolution and makes us also whole is by supporting our extra cognitive abilities and the use of our intuition.

Augmented Intelligence merges our intuitive and rational

Intuition is the link between the Information age and the Creativity age. We moved from being data-driven in our decision-making and ruling out anything irrational, to become data-informed and have more room to use our intuition. And this is what is hastening the coming of the creativity era.

We already had on one side the personalisation trends which invited us to be an embodiment of creativity by affirming our authenticity. And now, we are invited to use our human creativity in the way we tap into our Mind power.

In the Creativity age, both our intuition and creativity are at the heart of the way we build the World. It’s not anymore just about our physical efforts. It’s not anymore just about the way we think and use our brain. It’s about the spirit and the things that we know for sure without knowing exactly how we know them: the things that we do following our inner guidance, the groundbreaking ideas and creations that seem coming from nowhere and that data and neuroscience alone will never be able to completely explain. The use of our Intuition and Extra-cognitive abilities are no longer seen as heresies in the building of the World and the era of the celebration of our innate creativity is finally coming. With the support of Data analytics to provide us with some tangible information, our intuition can speak with more confidence. And the intuitive feminine energy can finally stand equally with the rational masculine energy in each one of us.

Besides, Augmented Intelligence brings balance and allows humans to also become whole with the external world. Creativity means bold innovations, novelty, increasing flow of production. Creativity also means increasing flow of destruction of old products and ideas, and of new resources and materials. Sustainability is needed as a framework to canalise that creative power otherwise it will lead us to human self-destruction. Augmented intelligence and data analytics are needed to temperate our infinite creativity with the reality of the limited material resources available on the planet. So with the Planet, Humankind can become whole as co-Creators.

Finally, Augmented Intelligence can facilitate Human evolution by making individuals whole with the Collective intelligence.

Augmented Intelligence makes our Intelligence whole

Each human being has expertise in subjects. For some, it’s based on their knowledge on the subject and for others, it’s based on their experience in the same subject. And it’s not just a matter of depth: any different point of view and any different experience from people with different background enrich the collective intelligence about the subject. Beyond the titles of Academics, Professionals, End users, the general public, this is the combination of all our human experience and knowledge which get us closer to the truth to solve global and humankind issues.

Collective intelligence makes a competitive mindset irrelevant. It’s a human connection giving us a 360-degree insight so we can become whole by balancing our personal knowledge and experience with the collective knowledge and experience.

It’s also a human connection with Technology at a deeper level. With data analytics and visualisation, we can get access to that knowledge and provide revolutionary solutions that machine alone will never be able to find. Years after the strong adoption of artificial intelligence, we finally came to realise that tomorrow’s issues cannot be solved by artificial intelligence, data, automation and robots alone. But with Technology, we can optimise our human creative power in the way we are acting.

Humankind has no more excuse to escape from its responsibility to take actions to solve the challenges that the World is facing. Technology and automation are freeing us from time and energy-consuming tasks which are taking us away from our purpose to use our creative power for positive change. There are global emergencies which urgently need creative actions. This responsibility is not reserved for the elites, for people with degrees and working in offices in Western countries. Therefore Augmented intelligence, data analytics and visualisation should be democratised to empower and be accessible for the many, not just for the few. And make Humankind whole in its purpose.

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