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10 ways Autumn can life coach you!

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Feeling stuck? Need a bit of fresh air to get some clarity on your thoughts? Let’s go for a walk and see how Nature can teach you!

1) It’s raining! Hallelujah

Rain is the personification of empathy, how to look at the bigger picture and being resilient. What seems to ruin your Sunday walk is actually a blessing for Nature and the Planet. What you see as a curse for you can be a blessing for others and ultimately yourself. In some part of the world, people are desperate to have rain while we take it for granted. Step back, look at what's going on around you. Get used to adopting a holistic view rather than a linear and self-centred one.

Rain is also a good lesson to stop forcing the issue. Trying to control everything happening in our life is pointless, a waste of energy and short-sighted. Be resilient and move on. You can't stop the rain but you can take an umbrella and keep moving making your way in life until the rain stops. What happen when you don’t see any more the rain or anything else that you can’t control as an obstacle to your happiness? It will give your different (and brighter) perspectives.

2) Yellow is the colour of happiness… Are you feeling Happy?

Leaves turn from green to brown, red and yellow. As we are getting surrounded by the yellow colour, it’s good to know that this colour has different (but positive) meanings. It’s the colour of sunshine and sunshine brings happiness. It’s also the colour of confidence, hope, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance and honour.

Take a few minutes to remember what brings you hope, happiness or energy in life. When you are feeling low, how do you top up your energy level? After all, for your happiness to be sustainable, it needs to come from within you, but you already know that right?

3) Autumn is the reaping season. How does your harvest look like?

In the same way that it’s time to harvest what have been planted months ago, it may be time to check the progress or results of your projects and goals set for this year. Rather than starting new initiatives endlessly, pause and assess how your resolutions, projects, efforts are going so far. It’s also a good time to remember and appreciate good things in our life and that we take too often for granted.

4) Be as organic as wild fruits

Autumn is apples, nuts and berries time. And the best ones are the organic which grow in the middle of Nature with no external intervention and far from roadside pollution.

It reminds us that we are at our best when we allow ourselves to grow freely, without being restraint by directives and expectations from others, and far from toxic environment and relationships. Being original is refreshing and others may appreciate us more this way. Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone will like you since whatever you do, you will never be able to please everyone. So it’s better to be “hated for what we are than loved for something that we are not” (Andre Gide).

How does it feel when you are really yourself? How many people in your relationship know the real you? Do you feel that you are allowed to grow freely in your life?

5) Let it go and free yourself

Trees don’t hold on to their falling leaves. They let go of things which don’t serve them any more. They also teach us to change our perspectives. If you just look at the floor full of withered leaves, the loss can look massive but what you are able to see on the ground is limited and short-sighted. Contrarily, if you look at the sky, the naked branches in the air is a promise of endless possibilities to grow even more. So let go of old things to make space for new opportunities. Free yourself from attachments that are actually holding you back. Release the toxic relationships, costly addictions, negativity, fears, failures, bad habits, poor narratives and so on. Go back to your true essence, who you really are. Autumn is a time to reflect and rebalance your energy on what is truly supporting you.

6) Celebrate Death

Every day you step on withered leaves without questioning this phenomenon as Autumn is the season when vegetation arrives to an end cycle and die. It’s not a fatality, it’s the normal cycle of life. You may actually look at this process of decay with wonder because the landscape of those fading leaves is incredible. Do you feel sad? No, this is because you know that after death follow rebirth and Spring will be upon us.

Autumn is also the time when we commemorate the departed. This season remind us that Death makes us appreciate life. Our limited life time is a reminder that we should hold on to what really matters. Everything has a beginning and an end. No one really knows when is the autumn of one’s life, which brings us to question this: what would you like to be your legacy? What would you like to achieve in this planet during your life?

7) It’s time to spend more time inside… yourself!

The temperature keeps dropping and when you look around, you can see that people wear more layers and darker clothes compared to Summer, to protect themselves against external bad conditions. Wearing darker colour could be stem from a desire to keep oneself: “Guys, I want to keep a low profile, I don’t want to start new friendship now, I need to make friend with myself first”. As you put more layers to protect yourself from the outside world, it’s also a good opportunity to turn more inward and perform some self-analysis: how is your relationship with yourself going? Are you comfortable spending time on your own? Do you listen to yourself? Are you still a people’s pleaser? A follower? Is your life meaningful? Where are you driving yourself?

8) It’s time to face our own darkness

The sky is getting dark earlier and the daylight is getting shorter and shorter. As you are getting used to the darkness outside, it may be time to confront your own inner darkness too. Which part of yourself you still need to work on? What are the things holding you back? Which negative thoughts or self-sabotage actions keep having the best of you? What did that cost you that year? How would that feel to be able to slay the dragon? What changes will make it in your life?

9) Listen to your inner voice as the outside world is getting quieter.

Birds are gone or are ready to migrate toward warmer pastures. Insects’ chorus are now just whispers. If you tune out the urban noise and find refuge in a park, you will notice that everything is getting quieter and quieter whilst your own inner voice becomes more audible to the point you may feel the need to pay more attention to it. What your intuition and your soul have been dying to tell you for a while, perhaps you are now ready to listen?

10) You weave your life like a Spider

Hold on before sending that spider to the Other World. Just because we humans are in a position of strength doesn’t mean that we should control the fate of vulnerable creatures.

The spider is a universal and ancient symbol of creation, power and growth. Just as a spider weaves a web, so too you have the responsibility to weave your own lives. You have free will to make the choices which built your lives. The spider reminds you to be mindful of the choices you are making. Like a web, your life may look fragile but it is strong enough to support the weight of your past during your quest for a better future.

Where do you want to be in the next 5 and 10 years and where you will be your life in 5 or 10 years if you keep doing what you are doing today?

Nature is an infinite source of Inspiration. How else do you think that Autumn is also currently teaching you?

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