The e-Therapist: How Technology empower therapists to make multi-dimensional impacts

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

eMindology blog series - Blog #2

E-Therapy, Cyber Therapy, Virtual Therapy, Digital therapy... Not only that doesn’t sound any more like Science Fiction but that reality is also changing the healthcare landscape. And here is how by embracing Technology, the Therapists become Super Heroes able to make a huge difference.

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1. The eTherapists bring Therapy to a borderless space

Technology empowers therapists to make a bigger impact through their practice by their presence, engagement and actions online.

In a society where a lot of people get both the source of their worries and relief online, the presence of therapists is more than needed on the web sphere. By stepping in, they raise awareness of their existence, availability and practices to a higher number of people. From the directories shared with other therapists to popular social media and/or having a dedicated website, they empower people with more information, knowledge and options to reach mental health professionals for help.

Technology has erased CyberTherapyborders between the Clients & Therapists and between the Therapists & the Others by putting people closer and valuing 2 ways relationships. The eTherapists can engage with more clients to receive feedback, understand their impact and rethink their approach. They can also connect with the others: peers, professionals, businesses and other communities to improve their practice. By connecting with key actors and like-minded people and being able to access the wisdom of the collective intelligence, the eTherapists gain a better and deeper knowledge for greater perfection.

Technology enables the creation of a business continuity for the Therapists who can make a passive impact (and passive income) with digitalised therapeutic content available 24/7, and service continuity for Clients available around the clock and taking all the forms possible. From online consultation to digital products, the eTherapists offer both flexibilities for themselves and for people. Some format may not be suitable for everyone, especially people experiencing serious distress but luckily, the eTherapists can even adapt their offer to these different needs.

2. The eTherapists empower beyond their target audience

A wider Audience means a wider range of needs and new ways for the eTherapists to provide help to people.

For people who need a strong mental health support and a professional presence, the eTherapist can still respond to this demand on a distant way, via a phone call, video call, instant messaging apps, or on live chat to keep that immediacy, explorative, challenging and intuitive side crucial in the therapeutic work. Those practices which were quite marginalised before the 2020 lockdown became the norm overnight. Even though both therapists and users have reported some downside, the overall feedback was positive including more commitment. And it’s likely that it’s now here to stay in the healthcare practice.

For the self-care adepts – or the people who need to be empowered with information, tools and techniques to take care of their mental well-being in general, the eTherapists offer their expertise with a lighter support. Stress, Anger, Emotion management, Relationships and Self-esteem….there are plenty of subjects for which the eTherapists can digitalise therapeutic processes and create online workshops, programs which can also involve pre-recorded video for online courses and distant support via phone calls. The eTherapists empower people to become their own therapists and find out what works best for them.

In the case of the personal development seeker, here the keyword is independence for both the therapists and the clients. The eTherapists become personal growth teachers empowering people to become their own Life Coach and find their own answers. The eTherapists share knowledge to whoever may need it, without feeling the need to be on their side and support them on a journey. And the clients gain knowledge, learn something new about themselves and are comfortable to be left alone on their very own personal path. Ebooks, webinars, apps, videos, virtual reality….The eTherapists have plenty of resources to offer tools for the mind and for the soul. And to promote mental well-being for all.

3. The eTherapists democratise mental well being

To democratise mental well-being means to make mental well-being accessible to anyone and the eTherapist is a game-changer in this process.

As we saw earlier, technology permits the overcoming of barriers - of space and time. The eTherapists can reach people anytime and anywhere in the World and provide professional assistance without having to be physically and simultaneously online. And people from all around the world can access qualified and experienced mental well-being therapists if those are not available or more difficult to reach in their own countries. And the game-changer is that people gain access to well-being products and services when, where, how and with who they want it.

The eTherapists accelerate the improvement of the quantity and the quality of mental well-being offers provided in the market. Technology enables therapists to digitalise their knowledge, know-how and to create more online services and different products. As the range of choices grows, people have information about mental well-being tools and approaches which can be more relevant and suitable for their own needs. But also, as the quantity increases, the differentiation is made by the quality. Clients still value the qualification of the Therapists but they also want efficiency, proof that their approaches work and so clients will value transparency, evidence from data, feedback and reviews from other users.

The raise of the eTherapists results in a drop in the price of mental well-being products and services, making them more affordable. Not only online services are in general cheaper because the costs involved by the therapists are limited, but also a wide variety of products from a wide variety of eTherapists means a wide variety of price.

Ultimately the “competition” in providing people with the best methods contribute to driving the prices down. But it is still benefiting both parties because rather than trying to make millions just by targeting “high-ticket” clients, they can make millions helping millions of people with truly effective, publicly reviewed and evidence-based methods. And create a more fair and transparent system. For all.

As an eTherapist, what are the greatest opportunities that you have found on your road?

We would love to hear about your experience and get some pieces of wisdom from you!


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