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The case for an Augmented Intelligence applied to Personal Development (Part 1)

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

An Augmented Intelligence applied to Personal development will have for purpose to enhance the inborn human intelligence and raise individuals awareness about who they really are and their potential, who they can become and their opportunities, as we move toward the dawn of the Creativity era.

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The Augmented Intelligence to raise our awareness about our Intelligence and potential

When we talk about Intelligence, we are first acknowledging something inborn that everyone already has. Each human being has and even is, an Intelligence. This Intelligence is a unique and infinite mix of qualities, personalities traits, talents, passions, interests, ideas, values, knowledge, experience and much more. Intelligence is part of us and is part of our wealth. It can be influenced by external factors but no one and nothing can never take it away from us. And it is important to nurture this Intelligence because this is the source of our potential to gain and become even more in our life.

Our human intelligence is closely tied to our human condition. When we don’t grow our Intelligence, when we can’t express our ideas, who we are or our creativity, we can be mentally and spiritually suffocating. Our intelligence needs fresh air, water and space to grow and any restriction brings negativity including anxiety, frustration, wanderings. A loss of direction and even the loss of our sense of purpose. Therefore, neglecting to take care of our Intelligence can also have a lasting impact on our mental and spiritual health.

Raising our awareness about our Intelligence and potential is the first step in human’s personal development because it sends us back to the basic of knowing ourselves. It’s only by knowing ourselves that we can have a healthy relationship with ourselves, the others and the World. However, that personal development journey doesn’t come without any challenges. And one of the most challenging obstacles in our personal development is ourselves. We can be our own best friend and Coach or our worst enemy and saboteur. One makes us progress and thrive while the other is holding us back and waste our potential. People have the same potential to make great achievements in their life, but they are not equal in their personal development journey.

But what if we could help people overcome the most common challenges that human face in their personal development? And as a start, what if we could help everyone to be equally aware of their own potential? What if we could give a boost to our human Intelligence?

This is how the concept of Augmented Intelligence could make sense in the area of personal development. The Augmented Intelligence enhance human potential but before enhancing the human potential, AI can help humans be aware of that potential. And that can be done following 3 steps: building our awareness by giving substance, canalising this awareness and switching on our inner power.

Raising our awareness about our potential

To raise our awareness about our potential, we need to give to our mind things to be aware of. This can be information about some characteristics of our intelligence. As an example, Data Visualisation technology is a powerful tool to build our awareness of our Intelligence and potential.

Artificial Intelligence has been developed to release humans from repetitive tasks so we can focus on more substantial matters. In personal development, there are no repetitive tasks that we can delegate to a robot but there are things that we repetitively do and which prevent us to move on with confidence in our life: we hold on to things which don’t serve us, we keep doing the same mistakes and we keep forgetting who we are and what we can achieve.

Let’s be clear, the Augmented Intelligence applied to personal development will not erase our memory but Data Visualisation could help us shift our focus on what we can visualise rather what our conscious mind can remember, be a detached observer of the big picture rather than staying stuck on details, see the glass half full rather than half empty, and be and act in the present rather than having our mind drawn into the past.

Finding a playground to grow your potential

Then, we need to canalise this awareness. Our potential is infinite but it needs to resonate in the world where we are living. It’s not about being approved, it’s about finding anchorage points between our potential to create (Intelligence) and the opportunities to create in the World. So we are also aware that we have a playground to concretely materialise our potential. Some people have a very good idea of how they could use their potential but others don’t have this confidence and the later need support. They need to know what is actually going on there in the world, what other people are doing and what they could do themselves to contribute with their talents.

Those people need data, drivers, trends, probability, indicators and other reference points to take decision and act, by starting from or by moving away from them. This is a need for support from the collective intelligence. And that collective intelligence comes from millions of bit of data collected from people living similar experiences.

However, an Augmented Intelligence applied to personal development has to be empowering. It has to be minimalist and suggestive rather than intrusive and directive. Minimalist doesn’t mean that it is not powerful. In that common framework of information, people are free to use their intuition and interpret the data as they wish, as they are the experts on themselves, they know.

Switching the power On

Finally, we need to ignite this potential. It’s one thing to have a potential but it’s another one to have the appetite to use it. Our potential and our creative power are conditioned to our own free will to use or not. Our Intelligence will be always there and our potential will never really disappear. But the awareness about our potential will fall short if we decide to not use it. Before considering realising a potential, our mindset has to be aligned and willing to use it. In theory, there is a free will but there are also obstacles to the use of our free will, such as the things which prevent us to make full conscious choices without any pressure.

There are 3 areas which are: social, material and individual, at least 2 common challenges: fear (of the unknown, rejection, loss, risk, uncertainty..), lack of (resourcefulness, self-esteem, self-confidence, positivity...) and 1 common factor: the domination of negativity.

We are all facing challenges to develop our potential but the people who will give it a go are the ones who will focus more on the positive than on the negative. And here the role of Augmented Intelligence is to rebalance our information with opportunity and risks so we can decide to use, our not, our potential from a balanced and neutral perspective.

Here again, the role of risk analytics could be crucial by helping understand the probability of negative events to happen and suggest some course of actions to overcome our challenges. The system can use the collective intelligence, historical data, and regular data input to increase the number of suggestions or predictive insights. But in the end, the users stay in control of their decision-making power.

Once people have a full understanding and the will to use their potential, the next stage is to realise this potential with actions.

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