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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

eMindology blog series - Blog #7

The Art and Creative Therapist Entrepreneurs (= A.C.T.E) act. They are ambitious doers who push the walls of their traditional role to give even more to people and to the World. They are leaders who have harnessed the infinite power of human creativity to heal people's mind and bring humankind to another level. Here is a portrait of those game-changers on a mission to make an impact.

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

They are opportunity-minded – the ACTE know that there is no competition when it’s about contributing to healing the mind of people. Liberated from a fear of others, they accept and are comfortable with the fact that there are a lot of artists, non-qualified and qualified Art therapists, other therapists and many self-called professional helpers because what really matters for them is the improvement of the general well-being and that is the preserve of no one. Therefore they feel that there is enough room for everyone to contribute to tackling this global issue and they thrive with a mindset of abundance and opportunities rather than scarcity and fear of losing out.

They have the expertise – The ACTE are mental health professionals and there is no way people could confuse them with “simple” Artists. Beyond the title of Arts Therapists, they have real expertise in mental well-being. And they are recognised Authorities in the Mental Healthcare and Well-being landscapes. From the published books or articles on academic or scientific magazines to the online courses, Ted Talks, involvement in Research, crossed interviews with other Mental Health experts...They are the Ambassadors of Arts and Creativity as Therapies and take every opportunity to display the specificity and importance of their discipline. By working on their own professional standing, they elevate their industry standards for the benefit of the whole mental health professionals community.

They are Tech-savvy - The ACTE use Technology as a way to reach more people and expand their businesses. They don’t see it as a threat or as barriers in their practice but rather as a tool that they can harness and adapt according to their own needs, goals and visions. Digitalisation, Gamification, videos, apps, virtual reality, augmented intelligence, artificial intelligence… any technological innovations are welcomed as new opportunities to grow personally and professionally, to add another string to their bow to perpetuate their practice, to be like fish in water in a World increasingly dominated by Technology and to be able to make an impact anytime and anywhere in the World.

They are Data-driven – The ACTE value data to measure their impact as for any other Science or Therapy. They don’t see it as not compatible with their practice but as something to enrich it. So they collect feedback, qualitative and quantitative data, experiment new approaches and document their findings, set up clear processes and strengthen their practice with evidence. They don’t have to do it on their own, they can pair up with people who also have an interest in those data. They embrace the trial and error and they are open to hearing what didn’t work to improve their practice. They don’t take failure personally because they know that it’s not about them, it’s about providing the most efficient therapies to people and make the Arts and Creative Therapies earn their badge of honours.

They connect and collaborate – The ACTE see connections with other people as a strength and they engage with different types of Community. They connect with businesses to discuss partnerships, their peers for professional support and inspiration, communities of clients to learn about people’s experience and needs and to keep their practice grounded in the reality. They also connect with communities of researchers to challenge them and to be challenged. And make their practice earn new badges of honours for the effective contribution of Arts to Science. They don’t wait for people, businesses or scientists to have an interest in their business, they are pro-active in creating that growing interest in their speciality. They connect and collaborate to create synergies to enrich the collective intelligence in mental well-being and make a bigger impact

They make money – The ACTE make money by their own means. They change the narrative of the broke Arts and Creatives professional. Moving away from the cliché of the “moneyless” worker, they embrace the fact that they are in the business of creativity: they value their own creativity and their power to ignite creativity on others as Gold. They are confident in their ability to make profitable businesses without losing sight of their purpose to help people and without selling their Soul. As an example, they focus on creating better, more effective, more accessible and more affordable mental well-being products so they can make millions by reaching and helping millions of people.

They are confident and resourceful - The ACTE have confidence in their creativity. Full stop. They have confidence in themselves and on their skills, and they know that they are unique with their own talents, visions and purposes. Fear and self-doubt would not only limit their own professional opportunities but it would also limit creativity, innovation and bolder moves necessary to make their speciality and whole industry progress. They don’t give too much attention to the naysayers and old fashioned mind who criticise but fear change. Navigating between the infinite spectrum in Arts and the growing needs in Therapy and personal development, they use their experience in both areas to increase their opportunities to make a positive impact.

They are challengers – The ACTE push the boundaries if they are too small for them. They refuse to let Arts and Creative therapies stay constrained by bureaucracy, racial discrimination, unconscious bias, narrow mindset, unchallenged assumptions and other issues which undermined their progress. They have projects to create positive change in the way their speciality is taught and practised and the way their Industry is making an impact. They know that Art and creativity can help and heal people all around the world so they constantly challenge what doesn't work either for them as Therapists or for their clients in a constructive way, with evidence and with proven alternative solutions.

They are givers – The ACTE know that to make an impact in Mental Health, they have little to expect from public Institutions and Government to promote their practices. Therefore, they create the change that they want to see. Rather than waiting for public recognition, they go toward that public recognition. And the best way to receive public recognition is first to give it to them. For this purpose, they adopt a down top approach by working intensively with a variety of people, valuing their feedback and taking insights directly from them to improve their offer, providing the best services possible to increase the demand for their services. And work smarter (not harder) to make Art and Creative therapies join the A-List of Complementary therapy.

They are fun-filled – The ACTE have fun all along the process because they know all too well how their mindset can show into their projects and impact the outcome. Mental Health issues are serious matters but they don’t have to take themselves too seriously. Their businesses are fuelled by a positive energy and they have a deep inner connection to their missions. They do what they do because they love what they do, not because they feel that they have to do it. The first people to who they are accountable to are themselves so they look after their own well-being before embarking on that mission to improve the mental health in the World.

Are you an Art and Creative Therapist Entrepreneurs? Would you like to share your experience, advice and recipes for success? We would love to hear from you!


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