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Press Release: The Infinite I is now available

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

London, February 19, 2022 -- Your life can be an endless cycle of repetitive mistakes or a journey to unfold your true potential. Knowing the difference does not lie in the stars but in the data.

Visualizing and understanding key information in your life could bring your personal development to the next level. This book illustrates how mastering data analytics tools can help you make better data-informed decisions in your existence and the world.

We live in an era of insatiable searches for information and scrutiny in politics, science, justice, the economy, and many other areas of our societies. But our relationship with ourselves often escapes from that inquisitive swirl. Yet, spotting the truth in the outside world requires familiarity with how the truth can look and feel, starting from the verity about who we are. And that inward quest towards our true selves is Infinite.

The Infinite I is not just another personal development book. It is an invitation to shift back to the organic purpose of self-betterment: self-knowledge for better connections, leadership, and activism for the planet. As the author, Dona Bayounguissa, says: “your personal growth is not personal to you. Yours, mine, our personal developments are global development.”

It is a fresh and visionary approach bringing a new dynamic in the personal development industry by highlighting a crucial element overlooked for too long: the human equilibrium with the world. It succeeds by reconnecting our inner growth with our global citizen roles and reinstating African wisdom on the table of the solution providers for our western woes and wanderings.

Dona Bayounguissa had her first encounter with data visualization and Artificial Intelligence while working as an eDiscovery lawyer and then as a Compliance analyst. After finding her purpose and answering her inner call, she became a qualified Life Coach. She also founded Blue Spiral Motion, a Personal Development Intelligence business merging data, technology, and personal development to empower people. She works on different social, conscious, and spiritual tech projects to raise human consciousness.

The Infinite I: Awaken Your Inner Leader by Rewiring Your Spirit-Mind-Body-World Connection is 250 pages and is now available in paperback and Kindle.


Blue Spiral Motion

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