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How to find out who you are using… The Ancient Wisdom

You are the Leader of your life. You are the heroine of your life story. But how much do you know about that heroine? Her strengths, weakness, values and so on? Do you know who you really are?

A hint, do not try to start the book at the end because there is no end. Finding about who you really are is a lifelong process.

Can't be bothered starting then? Well, it's up to you.

Would you feel safe to go on a life long trip without knowing who is driving you?

If you want to know where you go and what you can achieve in your life, you need to be able to identify assets that you may already have and the ones you have to work on, the values which could be your drivers in life, areas where your personality could be a good fit and the personal challenges that you may have to overcome.

We have been questioning our identity since time immemorial. And we got our answers via different means which include observing nature, observing people, from our ancestors and accepting the possibility of meaning in randomness.

So for this article, I will suggest checking out 3 Ancient approaches:

1. Your Birth chart

2. The Meaning of your Name

3. Numerology

Why? Because while personality tests are controversial, it seems that there was a consensus in civilizations from every continent to find some clues to the question of our identity in our birth chart. Indeed, by observing Nature and the stars from different part of the world, we ended up with the Vedic astrology, African astrology (geomancy), Chinese astrology, Aztec and Mayan astrology, Mesopotamian astrology, Native American astrology… and much more which have survived and are still being practiced today.

Don't believe in that stuff? Good news, you don’t have to “believe” in that. Just see them as tools. The tool is there for you to use it, or not, using your free will. You don’t have to believe in a tool, right? You use it if it can serve you and discard it if it doesn’t. Now there are two ways to approach those tools:

- The Constructive way:

Comparing and competing with yourself: who you are right now and who you could be.

Finding out what may be some of your main personality traits.

Identify what drives you.

Identify some bad habits that you would like to break.

- The Negative way:

Not taking responsibility (“I can’t help with that, I am a Libra”).

Being dependant (“Wait, I need to look at my astrology today before making a decision”).

Being fatalist (“It’s my fate, it was written in the Stars”).

Losing sight of who you are (“Those Victoria became Celebrities so I have to become one as well”).

Before going further, just remember:

1. Go with an open heart, open mind and no expectation.

2. We are all unique so “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own” ― Bruce Lee

Now let’ start!

1. Your Birth chart

Usually, It is done with your date of birth (dd/mm/yy), the hour you are born and place of birth.

There are plenty of websites in Internet where you can do your birth chart online. I would suggest

(I have no links with them, I picked them because they are free, easy to use and you don’t have to provide your email address to get the results).

So far in my lifetime I met 2 people who are born the same day as me. One same day/ month/ year and the other one was just same day and month. This said, you couldn’t see more different people if you see us together. But looking closer at our values, the type of challenges that we were facing in respective our life and even the way we were sometimes perceived by people, I found that we may have more in common than first thought.

Twins who are born the same day and in the same place will have a big common ground but still will be different because they will have different names and so different personalities.

2. The Meaning of your Name

Your parents or whoever that gave you your name may also had an influence on defining who you who you are. Did you ever wonder what your name means? Why it has been given to you? Which traits of a bearer of this name your parents wanted to transmit to you?

A Celebrity? A Historical figure? An Ancestor? A religious figure or a Goddess? It may be as simple as following the calendar or any other reason. The fact is that our name may have an impact in our personality. Typing on Google the words “Name Impact Personality” I ended with thousands of articles discussing the subject: “How names influence our destinies”, “People judge your personality based on your name”, “Your Name May Influence Your Facial Expressions”, “We look like our name”.

Again, there are plenty of websites in Internet where you can find the meaning of your name. I would suggest

(Again, I have no links with them, I picked them because it is free and straight forward)

So how did you get your name? What does your name mean and what does it mean to you?

Do you like or dislike it? Does your name reflect who you are and who you would like to be?

3. Numerology

Usually, you can do it with your First name + surname or your date of birth Day + Month + Year and in both cases, you add up the numbers until you end up with just one digit.

This is what I call finding meaning in the randomness. Chinese numerology, Egyptian Numerology, Chaldean Numerology, Hebrew Numerology (Gemateria), Arabic numerology (Abjab)….Again, different civilizations agreed that numbers may have an influence in your life. The numerology used in Western countries has been developed by Pythagoras who was an Astrologer, Numerologist, Musician and a philosopher. Numerology was a method used to determine the character and destiny of people. It’s about allotting the numbers from 1-9 to each letter of the alphabet. Numbers are believed to have their own symbolic meaning, vibration and power. Lot of information are available on Internet if you want to explore deeper this fascinating subject. or

So who are you? You are a human being with different facets. Learning about yourself will be a life long process because nothing is fixed, all you characteristics are in motion. You are unique and no one can put you in a box because there can’t be another like you. You are rare and what is rare is precious. You have a unique personality, you are a unique leader who has the ability to lighten up your own life and the World.

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