Blue – Blue is the colour of calm, peace, freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, communication, sensitivity, wisdom and intelligence.

Our Planet is also blue. Both the sky and the ocean are blue and both are limitless.

Our goal is to help you to reconnect with human qualities which are your birthright and to empower you to go beyond yourself. Because your potential is also limitless.


Spiral -  The Spiral is a universal, ancient and powerful symbol rich in meanings. It represents concepts like creation, initiation, development, expansion, consciousness, energy, eternity and much more. This sign also reminds us to raise our awareness of the pattern of growth and our evolving journey in life.


Motion – A motion is the process of continually changing position from one place to another. The dots show our progress. And when we “connect the dots” we are able to understand the bigger picture.


About Me

Dona Bayounguissa, Ceo,

Wellbeing Tech Entrepreneur, Life Coach


I am passionate about empowering individuals to make positive shifts into their lives.

I believe in People and the possibility of impacting the World through personal growth and proactive changes. And I also believe in the power of Data and Technology to enhance our infinite human potential, not to replace it.

I draw my inspirations and approaches from Ancient Wisdom but also from the African, the Eastern and the Western philosophies as they have prove to be very powerful in my own personal development and self-discovery journey. Every day brings its lot of teaching and magic that I embrace with humility and gratitude.

Why am I doing what I am doing?

Because my own Life Purpose is to help people and this World needs more empowered human beings, more conscious Leaders, more authenticity, more creativity, more human connections and more inner and outer Love.

I do what I am doing because the World needs… YOU.